Application Intro

Welcome to the 2019 Canton Cup Application Process!

Registration is now CLOSED.
However you may register on our WAITING LIST if we need a team to fill a bracket.
You will be notified if we use your team.

For the fastest response, if you have any questions, issues, comments about this application please contact the webmaster directly at Please continue to direct all other questions to our tournament director at

2019 Pricing
Format Recreational Select/Premier
4v4 $525
7v7 $550 $625
9v9 $575 $650
11v11 $600 $675

In order to make the application process easier we recommend that you have the following information readily available before you begin:

Team Info
  • Birthyear of Team
  • Teams Central Zip Code
  • League and Record for Fall 2018
  • League for Spring 2019 (if known)
  • Team Record for Last Two Tournaments
  • Team Division and Record from Last Years Canton Cup (if applicable)
  • State Affiliation (AYSO, MSYSA, etc)
  • Team Selection Process
  • Does your Team have Passcards?
  • Team Roster (Name, Number, Birthdate)(Note: this may be entered/updated later)
Coach Info
  • Contact Info (Name, Address, Phone, Email Address)
  • Risk Management ID
Manager Info
  • Contact Info (Name, Address, Phone, Email Address)
Club Info
  • Club Website
  • If Club will be paying fee, payment contact info

Please read the details for each level and select the level of play most appropriate for your team.

Important "Playing Up" Info:

  • 2011 (U08) May "Play Up" to 7v7
  • 2009 (U10) May "Play Up" to 9v9
  • 2007 (U12) May "Play Up" to 11v11

However please be aware you will likely be scheduled against teams that are the in upper age group!

Recreational Teams

The Canton Cup heartily welcomes teams that are just out there to have fun. The recreational level is provided for those teams that nomaly do not get a chance to attend large tournaments because of their competitive nature. To choose this level your team cannot be organized using any tryout process.

Select/Premier Teams

This level is designed for all levels of teams selected using a tryout process or are seeking a more competitive enviroment. Additional team info will be collected to be sure your team is placed in an appropriate division for your teams skill level.

Please Select Your Age Group: